They say it better than we could!  Here's what our patrons are saying about us...

... "If you’re looking for an Atlanta hot spot, head to The Heretic. At this bar you’re bound to see shirtless bods, leather accessories & [hot] men. Come with your friends & have a good time. Dance the night away or meet some new people & socialize at the bar...."

... "The inside is very moody, ...two bars are located in rooms on either side of the dance floor. The DJ pumps out great music, & everyone dances hard. Sometimes there's a small cover charge. There's also a back deck that overlooks the free parking lot. Be sure to check out the gift shop, where all types of goodies are available."

... "The Heretic Atlanta is undoubtedly the best place to go & soak in a wonderful ambience to cheer you up. Come evening & it seems like most of Atlanta is eager to get in. A spot to party with your buddies, you'll be entertained with great music, premium drinks & wonderful service.

... "As the name suggests, the Heretic has long stood out among gay Atlanta bars for its rebellious, downright scandalous attitude. It's a favorite destination for leather aficionados (it even has its own leather shop). This bar draws plenty of guys into leather as well as - more generally - a butch & "cruise-y" bunch clad in jeans, T-shirts, flannels, & the like. Edgy though the vibe is here, the staff & clientele tend to be quite friendly...."

... "Flashing strobe lights illuminate dancing shadows through thick clouds of disco fog. DJs tenaciously churn the dance beats while leather-clad bartenders man the bar & keep the cocktails flowing. Scantily clad jocks & pretty boys pose in hopes of impressing a suitable "Mr. Right Now." Double doors lead to a large second floor deck. On cooler nights, this spot offers a great break from the dance floor. While late parking here is devilish, the trudge back across Cheshire doesn't seem so bad after an evening at the Heretic...."

... "If you're a crazy guy like me, you should definitely visit the Heretic on Friday & Saturday nights. FREE parking.  The atmosphere is to die for & absolutely a great spot where you can really dance. Shirtless guys with hot bodies.  The crowd is really diverse, which I like, & the staff is so nice & friendly...."

... "Atlanta is not really known for being a very diverse city... it's not like New York or San Francisco... but as for a great, no-attitude gay night spot with a real international flavor, then the Heretic is the place to be. Some of the hottest Asian & Latino gay men in the metro area gather here every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night. Unlike some other dance clubs, it's actually very easy to meet people at the Heretic. It's a great mix of ages & ethnicities; there is something for everyone. The staff is very friendly...!"



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